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Weekly Wine – Esquinas

3 Aug

Esquinas de Argento Cabernet Sauvignon
14% ABV
$6.95 (LCBO)

This wine is cheap. Very cheap.
At under seven bucks a bottle, this might be the cheapest alcohol there is.
I actually should say it is inexpensive – very inexpensive.
The reason is that it is actually not that bad of a wine. Make no mistake – this will never pass for a great wine and it would even be a stretch to label it as a mediocre wine.
It is full bodied – but it is heavy and dank. Like a change room where everybody is showering after a long and heavy workout. There are flavours in this body that need not be investigated. Better left undiscovered. There is a strange aftertaste. After the second glass I feel that I should brush my teeth. And then mouthwash.
I’ve had worse wines. This is not a wine I would spill out. I would not use it for sauces either as some of those off flavours might escape.
The saving grace for this wine is that it is inexpensive and one can muddle through it. And then go spend an extra dollar on something much better.