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Weekly Vinyl – Metro Christmas

18 Dec

Eleven days from Christmas
Metro (Les Pavelick)
I actually pulled this album out at the end of August but decided to save listening to it until now – Christmas time.
Listening to it as I write, I’m thinking to myself that I should have gave this disk a spin in August.
It’s a combination of the inundation of Christmas music everywhere these days and the incredible cheesiness of this album. Imagine Christmas tunes sung badly, with a thick Slavic accent to boot. It is supposed to be a comedy album I think. The words have been changed to reference Ukrainian themes, but they are not that funny.
It is really cheesy, and infantile. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is changed to Helen, holobtsi (cabbage rolls) maker.
Oy vey…
Thankfully the album is brief. There are but nine songs – the total music content of this album is 21:45. For most albums that represents one side of music.
The brevity makes this album barely tolerable – once every decade.