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Weekly Vinyl – Mitch’s House

15 Jan

Communical Expressions Vol. 1

I pulled this album out and had no idea what it was.
I like the plain white packaging. The black title is glued on – it is printed, photocopied perhaps, on plain paper.
This is DIY – true heart of music.
The sound is quite competent house music. It isn’t bad … does it get me dancing?
Not really – I’m drinking Bulgarian wine. But my toes are a tappin’.
And I feel good.
The music has live elements (recorded instruments) and sampled musical riffs. Sitting in a quiet environment and listening to the music on a half decent stereo, you can tell them apart easily. This album is from 1991 – the sampling technology was quite primitive by today’s standards. I have several instruments of this vintage and the difference is astounding.
There’s about 20 minutes of music on this record so it would probably be considered an extended EP back in the day. The music is a kind of House music – background, danceable … quite agreeable. Nothing really stands out musically here though.
But I love the DIY feel of the disc.

Weekly Vinyl – Pussyfooting

2 Oct

No Pussyfooting
Robert Fripp & Brian Eno
This is supposed to be ambient music but is it really? The music challenges the listener. It beacons them and then forces them away.
It is rather brilliant. If you are in the right frame of mind it will carry you away on a transcendental wave of soothing music. Listen to it the next day when you are busy or just not in the mood – it will annoy and confuse.
The cover photo of Eno and Fripp sitting in a mirrored room is indicative of the music on the album. Using tape loops – two reel-to-reel tape recorders on recording and one playing – Eno was able to create powerful loops using Fripp’s unique guitar playing and some synths.
I’m writing this and have the album playing – it jumps from background to the foreground quite easily and I find myself lost in a reverie and floating with the music … and not writing.