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Fresh water reprieve

25 Apr

There’s a story that I have been following for a while that has come to some sort of conclusion. It is about a unique laboratory. The Experimental Lake Area (ELA) is a collection of 58 lakes in Northern Ontario that are used for various experiments. Research on acid rain, mercury contamination, and other important matters relating to fresh drinkable water have been conducted here since the place opened up in 1967. Researchers from around the world work here. It is the only place that does this anywhere in the world.
Our brilliant federal government decided to shut the place down in May 2012 to save a few dollars. ELA’s yearly budget amounted to about two million dollars ($2,000,000). Not much in the scheme of things when you look at the groundbreaking research that was done here. I wrote about this issue a lot during my stint as editor of Labcanada.com. I am glad to hear that the Ontario and Manitoba provincial governments will be stepping in to save the ELA and doing now what the Canadian federal government is seemingly loath to do — fund serious scientific research.
Checkout http://www.experimentallakesarea.ca