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Weekly Wine – Dry White

30 Mar

SONY DSCFrench Cross Vidal
Year: N/A
12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

One can by cynical about this wine.
Yes, it is wine in a box. Yes, It is a blend made from domestic and foreign wines. Yes it is created to be just under 10 bucks so as to hit a specific buyer.
All fair points.
The wine reflects these points. It is OK – drinkable as the marketers say. The taste won’t offend – it is a nice blend that does not have any off flavours or nasty after tastes. It is pleasant but not outstanding. It is forgettable in fact. It is better than the stuff you make at a Make-Your-Own-Wine place … but then again it costs a bit more and it should be better.
But all that being said – I don’t mind this wine because it is true to itself.
This is camping wine. This is take the wine up the hill skiing to enjoy the nice warm sunshine on the hill in the snow. This is outdoor wine.
This is honest plonk and should be enjoyed for what it is.