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Weekly Vinyl – Dance Disco

17 Feb

T.K. Disco
Fern Inney

This is a disappointing disk.
Not only is it disco, but it is bad disco.
It is formulaic.
It is bland.
It does not make me want to dance, dance, dance – like the cover promises.
One of the songs, Groove me, starts with a nice rhythm … but then it turns to shlock.
There are but two songs on this “Maxi-disk” so at least the listening regime is short.

Weekly Vinyl – Mitch’s House

15 Jan

Communical Expressions Vol. 1

I pulled this album out and had no idea what it was.
I like the plain white packaging. The black title is glued on – it is printed, photocopied perhaps, on plain paper.
This is DIY – true heart of music.
The sound is quite competent house music. It isn’t bad … does it get me dancing?
Not really – I’m drinking Bulgarian wine. But my toes are a tappin’.
And I feel good.
The music has live elements (recorded instruments) and sampled musical riffs. Sitting in a quiet environment and listening to the music on a half decent stereo, you can tell them apart easily. This album is from 1991 – the sampling technology was quite primitive by today’s standards. I have several instruments of this vintage and the difference is astounding.
There’s about 20 minutes of music on this record so it would probably be considered an extended EP back in the day. The music is a kind of House music – background, danceable … quite agreeable. Nothing really stands out musically here though.
But I love the DIY feel of the disc.

Weekly Vinyl – The Runner

26 Apr

The Runner
The Three Degrees

I listened to this record for the first time ever just now. I have no idea how it found its way into my collection. Where I got it is a mystery. I probably picked it up because this maxi-single is white vinyl — it looks cool. The music is disco. There is a short version of the runner on one side and a longer version on the other side. The extended version is just the rhythm with lots of cowbell initially then the standard funky soul treatments that served this genre of music so well. The 4/4 beat is overpowering. It just keeps on going like a metronome with not much variation. I can see this being good on a dance floor. Even now. If I were to quibble I would say that the short version is too short and the extended version is a wee bit too long.