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Weekly Wine – Malamatina

10 Jul

SONY DSCMalamatina Retsina
11% ABV
$5.20 (LCBO)

I approach this bottle with a sense of trepidation as I’ve had this wine before. I wasn’t sure what the experience was. But it was really not hard to guess. Here is a yellow wine in a clear glass bottle. The bottle is 500 ml sot it is just like a beer. And just like a beer, the bottle is sealed with a cap.
Now what is one to think of this system of holding wine in a bottle. Did not wine production have its birth in Greece when they shipped their wine hither and tither in the ancient Mediterranean. Perhaps the Greek wine producers and merchants know something that the rest of the world does not.
Uncapping the bottle and consuming it, the only conclusion that I can muster is that it is an inexpensive wine that has no pretensions to be inexpensive. At the first taste my senses recoiled in defence. But then my senses and me loosened up. The wine has character all right but a character that is difficult to live with.
Perhaps because of my low expectations this wine is not truly horrendous. The suggestion/warning on the bizarre, yet somehow compelling, label speaks the truth loudly — “Best Served Chilled.” It should also read, “Best consumed chilled.” When cold the wine is barely tolerable. Kept in a glass in warm weather for about 5 minutes, the wine warms up and the true nastiness of this concoction reveals itself.

SONY DSCThe logo is brilliant, if chilled.