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Weekly Vinyl – Beethoven + Handel

29 Jul

Aus Klassik und Barock Musik Von Beethoven und Handel
Piano: Wilhelm Kempff / Schola Cantorum Basiliensis dir: August Wenzinger
When I was coming of age I listened to a lot of music. It was mostly all vinyl. Some was on cassette. (Our family never went in for that wild 8-track stuff.)
As I listened to the music I studied the albums carefully – rereading all the information like a kid reading a cereal box during breakfast. For some reason I remember seeing dates of the recording on most of the albums I listened to. Sadly, this was a false memory. Most albums do not have the date of issue and I am forced onto the internet to search for this info. Usually this is easy.
Not for this album. No information. Nada. Zilch. Nien. I found that the album does exist in other collections but the date of issue is a mystery.
I go on about this because this is a hard review to write. The album is a Deutsche Grammophon release and is impeccably made. Impeccably packaged. And the recording itself is superb. I hear about the Deutsche Grammophon albums when I listen to “classical” music on the CBC and I usually think they are overblowing the quality of the pressing, music and packaging. No They are not. This is fantastic inside and out. The Beethoven is solo piano performed by Wilhelm Kempff and the notes are so clear that one would think the piano is not too far from you – or that you are in a recital hall. My sound system is OK but it is not even close audiophile standards. Handel represents the Baroque here and the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis performsit wonderfully.
I usually skip most “classical” albums when I’m at garage sales or thrift stores but I now will be looking at these Deutsche Grammophon releases more carefully.