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Old Mine

22 Jan


Somewhere between Las Vegas and Los Angeles there is this old open pit mine. Looks stunning from the air.
I have not been able to find it on Google Earth.
Was I in another dimension?


Desert Road

16 Oct



I absolutely adore desert scenery. This was taken in Nevada as we were approaching The Valley of Fire.

Desert boat

25 Sep


The juxtaposition of this motorboat on a drying/shrinking reservoir in Nevada is striking. We drove past a few marinas which were above the waterline and shut down. And people still think that climate change is a conspiracy. No facts, no evidence will get these people to change their mind.


21 Aug


There have been several years in a row that have been called the hottest years on record.
This one will probably be the next one.
The Hoover dam is going to be empty/ You can see what the high water mark used to be in theis shot.

Desert growth

19 Jun


Flying over the desert in California – these irrigation areas look very cool from the air. However they are wasting so much water in an area that has been in a consistent drought for many years. Not sure if this is wise.
I have spent too much time trying to find this place on Google Earth with no luck.

Solar desert

20 Dec


Somewhere between Vegas and Los Angeles there is this big solar energy generating plant.
I could not find it on Google Earth.
I know it ain’t aliens in Area 51.

Desert Cabin

13 Sep

wwAs it gets colder, my thoughts turn to warmth. I stumbled upon some stone Cabins while in the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. This is a shot from inside. The interior was nice and cool-ish – while the outside was hot and dry.

Desert dreaming

30 Nov


As it gets cold, one’s mind drifts to warmer climes. In this case, the desert outside of Las Vegas. This is around the Valley of Fire.