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Poor Birdy

26 Jun

I was at a parking lot last year and noticed this … poor bird.

David Gone

11 Jan

It is never good to wake up to such news.
David Bowie has taken on his final persona and left us.
Not much to say in the sadness.
I reviewed his David Live album nearly a year ago.
I guess I’ll find it and listen to it.

So long Star man…

Lemmy gone

29 Dec

Lemmy has left the earth.
The joke/trick question was that in a battle between Lemmy and God – who would win.
The answer of course is Lemmy is God.
Context – Lemmy is a basist and the founder of Motorhead. I use the present tense because he will forever be the founder and a bassist.
Upon hearing the news of his passing, I went to YouTube to see his live performance. I got an ad for kitchen appliances before the video of the big hit – Ace of Spades.
Lemmy is throwing thunderbolts I’m sure.

Dead Frozen Decomposed Fish

23 Mar


The title says it all.
Not much more to say or write.
My son noticed this as we were walking along the frozen shore of Lake Ontario.