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Weekly Wine — DB Chardonay

11 Sep

SONY DSCDe Bortoli Family Selection Chardonnay
13% ABV
$7.95 (USA)
Got this in a bargain bin lot in Virginia Beach. The wine store was part of a pizza joint. The servers were friendly but in reality were there to service the lunch customers with pizza and stuff.
At first taste the wine has a shock of acidity. It is not bad but it is something that I am not used to as the white wines I usually drink are lighter and not to acidic. This is a heavier white wine, flavourful and thankfully not sweet.
It is a very pleasant wine and it should be insulted for being in the bargain bin. What an ignoble place for this wine. I have partaken of wines for many dollars more that would wish to be as good as this.
I have not had much white wine from Australia before as I like the Pinot Grigios from Italy as my light cool summer wine drink, but this wine certainly hits all the positive marks. Since I found this in the bargain bin, I’m sure betting now that the others that I pulled out will be just as fine.