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So I went to a revival … kinda

28 Jun

DM02So I went to my first spiritual revival meeting. Well… It was a Dave Matthews concert.
It seemed like a spiritual revival. At least the ones I saw on TV.
The music was great. The sound was shit.
I could not understand one word the man sang. Everybody in the audience new everything by heart.
Hence the revival.
I did not know the words.
I was the outsider….
I was the sinner…
Praise Jesus.
Praise Matthews. Or Dave. Or David. Or whatever.DM01
The show was at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto. This is a venue that I have avoided till thisĀ evening. It is located on the spot where the best live venue in the world used to be located – the Ontario Place Forum.
It was a magical place. The concerts were free with admission. Or free a half hour after the show started. I could fill a list of over a hundred amazing artists that. I saw here. BB King, Jean Luc Ponty, Doug and the Slugs! Robert Fripp, teenage head. These were my summer evenings and my musical education.
The sound was excellent and one could bring all manner of inebriants in – as long as you were discreet.
Tonight the sound is muddy and the beer costs 16 bucks a can. There is airport like security at the gates.
But the music is OK. I will listen to his music, with half decent sound, to understand why he has such a following.