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No more Czars or Komissarz (sic)

5 Apr

Karen Stinz is a councillor in Toronto’s city hall. She is one of many people running for mayor against the current mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford. If you do not know who Rob Ford, is consider yourself lucky. And blessed.
Ms Stinz made a speech today outlining her proposals to ease traffic in Toronto. I was driving at the time and got a bit upset.

Dear Karen,
Congratulations on deciding to run for mayor. You seem like a breath of fresh air and you are on my short list of candidates to support.
I listened and read the reports of your plan to tackle Toronto’s gridlock and transportation needs and was bemused.
A transport czar?
Every time a “Czar” is appointed it leads failed results and an unwieldy bureaucracy.
Look at the how effective the US “drug czar” has been.
The title “Czar” is a Russian one, and these despots were only good for invading other lands, repressing their own people, and corruption. Hardly a designation you want to give to a someone.
Perhaps your policy needs a bit of
Nestor Gula