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18 Jul

As a journalist and writer, I record most, if not all, my interviews.
This is a simple precaution – so I can get the quotes right. I have it set up that my phone in the office can be hooked up to a recording device very easily. I used to use regular cassettes, then I switched to micro-cassettes and for the last decade I have been using a succession of digital recorders.
Lately I have been also recording my interactions with customer service people. This has stemmed from several unpleasant instances where services were promised and not delivered – or the services were changed for “internal” reasons. On one or two occasions the person out-and-out lied.
Recording these interactions will provide me with a bit of backup if or when I will have to plead my case with their customer service again. I figure they are record me – for “quality and training purposes”, so I can record them as well.
Most likely I will never ever listen to these tapes. As I’m writing this I am on the phone dealing with a matter and it has been well over 90 minutes of mostly silence, a few snippets of conversation and a bit of music while on hold. Three agents have said one thing and now the fourth is saying that what the other agent said is impossible to do. I have not told them that I have recorded this but emphatically stated that they are to do what is promised. The fifth gives a standard apology that the first three made a mistake … I told them that I have it recorded but they don’t seem to mind. They are not denying that something was promised and now they are not going to honour that promise.
This whole conversation took up nearly two hours of my life. The file is about 70 MB.
I am sure I will never listen to this recording.