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Sunset beach

14 Aug


There is a peaceful calm when people vacate the beach in the evening.
The noise of the people is replaced by the sound from waves, wind, and seagulls and other bird eating what humans have discarded.
This shot was taken at a resort in Cuba.

Cuban cars

31 Jul

It is a good thing that the US is normalizing its relationship with Cuba. One can only hope that the change is managed well and the country won’t collapse cause of greed or mismanagement. This shot shows two ubiquitous cars in Cuba that symbolize the Island nations alliances for the past 70 years. The car in front is a Soviet era car while the one in the back is some old American car.


22 Mar

I’ve been to Cuba twice – both times for beach vacations.
Both times the resorts, while beautiful and great, were in the middle of nowhere.
They were too far for a trip to Havana.
It is hard for me to realize that a US president beat me to Havana.
Good job President Obama…

Beach disco

31 Jan


A night shot of a beach disco at a resort in Cuba. I’m standing at the end of the beach. Behind me there are drunk people in the water. Every once in a while the DJ beseeches the drunks flopping around in the water that they should move to dry land as their activity is not safe.
The music boomed along and the inebriated frolicked in the surf.
This shot was a long exposure and hand held. I like the fact you can see some of the stars in the sky.
It was my first night at the resort.

Not Uber

13 Dec

This was our taxi in Cuba. We took it from the Dolphinarium back to the hotel. The driver said it was a 56 Bel Air. It had a diesel engine and a three speed manual transmission on the steering column. Eight (8) of us were in the car plus the driver. I explained to the kids that the Bel Air was not the biggest car back in the day. They thought it was the coolest thing.