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Weekly Vinyl – Cajun Paradise

8 Mar

Cajun Paradise
Wayne Toups and the Crowley Aces
It’s hard for me to differentiate the quality of Cajun music. It all goes to the fact that I don’t think I’ve ever heard any bad Cajun music. I have heard excellent music in this genre. The worst I could say about any Cajun music is that it is typical. Not bad, but OK. Wayne Toups and his Crowley Aces are not in the excellent category. They seem to lack flair in this recording. Their playing is measured and has a feel that the band is holding a lot back in terms of energy and excitement. To be fair, this music has to be experienced live to really come out. This album was recorded when he was just 21, and was released in Europe before he made a career for himself in his native USA. I picked this up in a bin in Switzerland where I got a lot of good interesting albums to be sure.