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13 Mar

Country Hits for Lovers
Year: 1970

I have no idea why I have this album.
I remember buying it a few years ago at a thrift store. I think it cost 25 cents.
This is a album for people who like a genre of music, in this case country, but don’t care about the artists who create the music. There are no musicians listed on the album, just a list of artists who made the songs popular but do not appear on the disk. This is a total studio driven project and as it was recorded in Nashville in the late sixties, most likely. There were some very good studio musicians in Nashville so the music here is slick and well executed.
Listening to this album I can close my eyes and imagine myself in a bar in the southern United States. Closing time was half an hour ago, the place is emptying but the lights are still low. Two drunken couples are still in a dance embrace on the dance floor, with this music playing, and the bartender is mopping up the spilled beer with a rag that gets washed once a week whether it needs it or not.
That is the atmosphere of this album.