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30 May

I was going to write a piece about being positive. I had a nice conversation on the weekend about the benefits of having a positive outlook and not focusing on the negative.
I have been trying to do this for a while. It is difficult but I do feel forcing oneself to be positive is a worthy endeavor.
So with my head full of ideas, I sit down to write but then I see this on the CBC News. A fight over a parking spot in a Costco.
Blast it.
There goes the sheen of good will.
The positive ideas in my head flee for cover – never to return.
What is wrong with people. A parking spot. In a Costco parking lot. There are many more spots. I’ll wager that these people who are fighting are the kinds of people that will not venture downtown because of the “problems with parking.” This event happened in a suburb just to the west of Toronto.
It is hard to be positive when confronted with this type of insanity.
But I’ll persevere – put on some cool music and smile.

Weekly Wine – Generic Pinot Grigio

20 Aug

SONY DSCKirkland Pinot Grigio
12.5% ABV
$5.99 (US$ – Costco)

I used to think that an Italian Pinot Grigio wine was a foolproof thing.
I’m sitting here, staring at this very inexpensive bottle of store brand plonk and thinking that I might have been wrong.
I swirl the wine in my mouth and it does not get better.
But is it so bad?
Is my consideration of the price clouding my judgement?
I’ve had wines which I found more offensive to me, but perhaps this one is perplexing.
I am not enjoying the wine or the contemplation of the wine.
Can a wine be too cheap to enjoy?
When in Paris, I drank wines that cost about the same or even less. They were much better. But then again I was in Paris. The outskirts of Detroit do in no way resemble Paris. The only connection is that they are on the same planet.
Nah, I would not buy this wine again.
This wine might be OK in a cold Sangria with plenty of fruit but honestly, I would spend an extra buck or two to get something better.

Weekly Wine – Generic Cabernet Sauvignon

13 Aug

SONY DSCKirkland California Cabernet Sauvignon
13% ABV
$7.99 (US$ – Costco)

I’ve seen this wine in the big bulk shopping arenas that are know as Costco. The wine is not available in Ontario so on a trip to the USA I picked this damn cheap bottle up.
There were other Kirkland branded wine (that’s Costco’s house brand) and wine that was cheaper. But I looked at this big beautiful bottle and I knew it had to be mine.
It’s California wine and even comes corked. How bad could it be?
It is not impressive. The sulphites dominate the flavour. There is a hint of the cabernet sauvignon grape in this wine. Much like having a taste of almonds in good wine.
This will never be mistaken for good mine.
I am not sure that it is even acceptable wine.
I have taken to drinking this with a glass of water as chaser. It works better and the wine becomes more managable.
But only just.
I would not by this wine at half the already discounted price.