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Footprints in concrete

28 May

At a construction site this should not happen.
The freshly poured concrete must have a barrier to prevent people from leaving their mark.
Footprints in concrete happen quite frequently and must be repaired at considerable toil and expense.

Awry Pole

25 May

I know that this is not a pole. It is a column. But awry column sounds odd.
Much like this column that I spotted at a rest stop on Ontario’s Hwy 401 just outside of London Ontario.
This was not the way it was designed as ¬†all the other columns don’t have this kink.
I suppose that it’s structurally sound…

Art under construction

10 Nov

I found this in my photo archives. This is a new section of the Ontario Art College being constructed. It is a controversial design – a big box stuck on top angled pillars. I like it. Architecture should evoke emotions – unlike a standard box buildings that we usually see. I could not find a picture of the completed building – I think I shall meander downtown with my camera one of these days.