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Cold reboot

3 Apr

For the past few days thinks have been wonky in the house.
The Internet worked – but not very consistently. Some websites worked well – others not at all.
The printer did not print.
The biggest horror – Netflix did not flicker.
It was a frustrating evening. The house network was sick. It was like a human having a cold. Sure, you can function a bit but you are not doing much good.
Like with a cold – all you need is rest.
The internet modem was turned off.
The computers were turned off.
The printer turned off.
All went quiet for a bit.
Then it was switched back on and regular programming resumed.

Beer freeze

3 Apr

Cold beer is nice.
This beer got too cold.
It went straight into the drain without a detour.

Cold Swan

27 Mar

It always amazes me to see swans swimming in icy water.

Cold Lounging

14 Feb

Lounging on some muskoka chairs in Muskoka.
It is 25 below zero in the sun and the weather is fine…

Icy Stuff

1 Feb

It is cold outside now, but not as cold as last year when we decided to walk to some ice fishing huts on Lake Simcoe. We had snowshoes and that helped a bit. But it was cold. And bleak. You can make out the huts in the distance.

Postcard from the cold

14 Dec

This idyllic scene looks cold. And it is. It was close to -30 degrees Celsius (-22 degree Fahrenheit) when I took this shot. It was nice and crisp but unfortunately overcast. There is never a blue sky when you want it.