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Cloud Blanket

30 Oct

Most of the flight to Edmonton was in the clouds and then it cleared up. There were great views of the majesty of the Canadian Shield and then the prairies. And, as we were descending, the clouds came in again, covering the autumnal land like a warm blanket.

City and clouds

29 Nov

I don’t know what city this is. I thought it might be Toronto but I don’t recognize any landmarks or buildings. The photo was taken with a simple point and shoot camera long ago. I was searching my memory of all the places that I visited and/or flew over and could not pick this place out. I like this shot.

Update: Right after posting this photo I looked at it again and all the pieces fell into place. This is Toronto. In the center it is Queens Park, the provincial legislature. The photo was taken from the north. How I missed this when I stared at the image I do not know.

Sea of Clouds

5 Jan

Flying over the Atlantic, I woke up from a snooze and saw this sea of clouds.
I stared out the window and again fell into a blissful snooze.



20 Jan

I like taking photos when flying. You will see many more in the future.