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Weekly Vinyl – More Yes

16 Oct

Close to the Edge

Choosing albums at random from my stack is kind of like rolling dice. Sometimes a run of the same numbers happens.
I’ve been listening to a lot of Yes music lately. August it was Fragile and September it was Wakeman’s Six Wives of Henry VIII.
So now it’s Close to the Edge.
I like this album as it has only three songs and they are all long. The shortest being just under nine minutes. The music here is epic and is pure undiluted progressive rock. Each song is a sweeping opus more akin to classical music – but the mood is of jazz, rock and experimentation.
It is probably the best Yes album as the music is solid and focused and it is clear that the band eschewed any attempt of making a hit song but concentrated of creating an aural masterpiece.
It is a great album but I hope I don’t pull out any more Yes albums for a while.