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Glacier – not yet gone

18 Mar

It was August and it was freezing at the Columbia Icefields. The clouds were low and the visibility was very sparce. This shot was taken when the clouds broake apart momentarily. There was a wicked wind and rain was coming in sideways. One might be tempted to dismiss climate change then but coming here, even when it was very cold at the height of summer, is one of the best places to see te effects of global warming. We are about 200 meters from the toe of the glacier. When I was here last, in 1995, the toe was about where we were standing. The first time I came in 1978 the toe was a short hike from the highway – now it is a drive and a bit of a hike. Go visit this place while you still can.


Desert boat

25 Sep


The juxtaposition of this motorboat on a drying/shrinking reservoir in Nevada is striking. We drove past a few marinas which were above the waterline and shut down. And people still think that climate change is a conspiracy. No facts, no evidence will get these people to change their mind.


2 Feb

It was warm today, the first day of February.
It was a warm weekend that just past.
So warm that I was driving with the windows open – it was not warm enough to have the air conditioning on though.
It was very pleasant and spring like.
This has been a warm winter – very warm.
So warm it might just make one species extinct here on earth. I haven’t heard this species in a while so they might be endangered or in hiding.
Climate change deniers have gone to ground.
And a good thing too.