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Weekly Vinyl – Forever Man (Maxi Single)

15 Mar

Forever Man (Maxi Single)
Eric Clapton
I was a bit surprised when I pulled this out. I don’t recall acquiring this maxi-single. I must have gotten it as a package with other albums at some garage sale.
Whatever the case this disk features three songs. One of the songs, Forever Man appears on Clapton’s Behind the Sun album. It appears alone on side A and is one of Clapton’s big hits. I’m actually quite lukewarm to this song. It has the aura of a big band production. It also reminds me a bit of the song Layla, Clapton’s big hit with Derek and the Dominos.
The song that really stands out, for me, is Too Bad. This song was produced by non-other than erstwhile Genesis drummer/frontman Phil Collins. It has a great simple blues feel to it. The production is simple and very honest. This makes it stand out and makes holding onto this disk worthwhile.
The final song is Behind the Sun and the less I say about it the better.