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Weekly Wine – Citra Grigio

15 Mar

Citra Pinot Grigio Terre di Chieti
13% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

Like most pinot grigios this wine is OK.
It is light. It is crisp. It is slightly acidic and has a gentle flavour – Lemons I think.
It is well balanced. It is quite refreshing to drink and has no off flavours.
It is pleasant.
It says to serve well chilled but it also tastes ok just slightly chilled.
When warmed up a bit you get a slightly more pronounced acidity, probably caused by the added sulphites. But this is not a problem and only underlines the wine’s heritage of being under 10 bucks, and it is well under that sum.
Is this wine a superlative example of a Pinot Grigio – probably not, but it will match and surpass many wines that cost double the amount this wine costs.
Enjoy this one when you can.



Weekly Wine – Citra

13 Nov

SONY DSCCitra Sangiovese Terredi Chieti
13% ABV
$7.45 (LCBO)

I’ve had tasted this wine a long time ago and I remembered it. My memory recalled that it was not a very pleasant wine. It was not an enjoyable wine. It was a harsh wine.
My memory works well as it is all that above and more. I don’t remember it being watery – having a harsh flavour mixed with tepidness. Perhaps that’s just me.
This is a singular wine. A bold wine. A wine that that no doubt has its share of fans. It also will have its detractors.
I don’t like this wine. It is too harsh. It reminds me of the cheap table wine I was served when in Rome. That wine was virtually undrinkable unless you mixed it well with mineral water. This wine is better than that.
But I’m looking for the bottle of mineral water.