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Weekly Vinyl – Sound of Music

24 Apr

Sound of Music
Original cast


It is kind of weird doing a review of an album that most everybody knows. It is also weird doing a second soundtrack right after I did Man of LaMancha a few weeks ago. Random selections from the wall of records are funny that way.
But that was a play and this is a movie.
This album has all the favourites. Even the ones you don’t care about but still know by heart.
It sounds just like the movie so you can close your eyes and see the movie in your head while this album plays. I have never been able to do that with any other piece of music – I can’t see the rock videos of songs that I hear.
This Sound of Music is powerful stuff – my son recoiled in horror when I put the record on.
I mercifully spared him the pleasure/pain of listening to this very notable piece of work.