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Chrismas Castles

25 Dec


So its Chrismas. Here is a nice sand castle from Cuba.
It was taken in November a few years back but I figured with winter starting to bight a picture of a nice sand castle is in order.

Bah humbug

15 Dec

As I progress in years, I take less and less delight with this “holiday season.” There are real stresses that this regime of joyfulness imparts.
I have just seen a report that states the incidents of domestic abuse rise dramatically during this Yule time. Joy to the world indeed.
The Ontario Association of Interval and Transition Houses recently stated that there is a 30 per cent rise in calls to the organizations seeking aid during the Christmas/New Year holidays.
I guess getting things perfect is stressful.You can see the stress in the stores and on the street and especially in the parking lots of our big box stores. I sometimes get the urge to belt out “Ho, Ho, Merrily we go…” when I see a particularly stressed individual. But that would be cruel. And dangerous – to that person’s health and perhaps mine.
I am not worried that I might be turning into a bit of a scrooge.
As a Ukrainian, I celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar. The gifts are given on St. Nicholas day – December 19 and Christmas Eve is January 5 – No gifts, just lots of good healthy meatless food.
This really helps avoid the stress that you see on the streets these days.

Christmas tree

7 Dec

This is last year’s stylized Christmas tree in Paris’ Gallerie Lafayette shopping palace.
It was sponsored by Swatch. It is very impressive.
Each year a different company sponsors the tree and a new fantastic design is unveiled.

Night scene Niagara

16 Nov

This is Murray Street heading down to the falls in Niagara Falls,Ontario.
The Christmas lights are up and it makes the place much less dreary.
We were coming up this street from a concert and fireworks by the falls when it occurred to me to take a few long exposure shots of the traffic and lights. Hand held on a traffic post – no tripod.