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Chicago view

4 Dec

This was taken from my room in the Congress hotel in Chicago. I really had no view from the room but if you leaned a certain way you had this. It was November and dreary outside that week – not really inspiring photography weather.

God gets requests

7 Nov

I was watching a bit of game seven of the world series a few days ago.
It was top of the 10th (extra innings – overtime for clarity sakes). Chicago was leading Cleveland 8-6 and it was a tense game.
The TV panned to the crowd and everybody in the crowd, whatever team allegiance, was praying to the Lord. Everyone in Chicago was praying one way and in Cleveland the other way. In the United States of America most were praying one way or the other way. (Incidentally, the game got even more intense as Chicago won 8-7 … Cleveland got close.)
Many people in America pray as a matter of course. In America most are praying to the Lord one way or the other way to have their side, their candidate, triumph in the election.
God has a lot of American prayers to sort through lately.
I pity the Lord.

Weekly Vinyl – Chicago X

11 Mar



I was never a fan of Chicago growing up.
I always liked the city though. How can you not… the home of Second City, the blues…
Yet I always liked this album cover – that’s why I picked it up a few years ago at a garage sale. The album cover looks like a chocolate bar partially unwrapped.
For some the music on the album is sweet stuff.
Not so much for me … It is too 70s. Too middle of the road. Too soft rock.
If you want to know what the 70s sounded like don’t put on disco, hard rock, punk… put this on.
This is what most radio sounded like.
The horror, the horror, the horror.

By the way – the X is a Roman Numeral that stands for ten (10). It is not an edgy album name.

Chicago Congress

3 May


This image, from my room in the Congress hotel in Chicago, was taken in the fall. I liked the view from my room in this grand old, but rather dilapidated, hotel.

Where am I?

22 Dec

I had the good fortune to visit Paris and Chicago in the last little while.
Where would you think this photo was taken?

Mirror Bean

16 Jun

If you have a chance to go to Chicago. Go listen so some Blues. Hit the downtown bars.
Deep dish pizza is OK, have some. but check out the bean. The mirrored bean. I’m inside it.

For survivors

2 Jun

I saw this sign in Chicago about a year and a half ago while walking around the downtown. I liked the honesty and the sloppy way it was mounted to the inside of the window. I erased the phone number.