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Weekly Wine – Adesso

18 May

AdessoCesari Adesso Merlot d’Italia
12% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

Cheap Italian wine.
What would I do without you? Spend more money no doubt.
This is wine that is inexpensive and it tastes inexpensive. There is no fooling anyone here. Like cheap furniture gussied up to look respectable, there is no hiding the fact that this is some of the least expensive wine you can buy in Ontario.
It is dry, but a little too dry – you want a sip of water after sipping it. There is a weird aftertaste – a little acidic, a little sour, a little distasteful. You can feel the sulphites on your tongue but they are not the cause of all the woe.
That’s because there is really not too much woe here. You bought a very inexpensive wine – under eight bucks.
Wadda you want?
There are no great sins here but then again nothing really positive with this wine.
It is wine.
It is cheap.
Enjoy it for what it is.