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Weekly Wine – Casal Thaulero

24 Feb

SONY DSCCasal Thaulero Mer-Cab Terre Di Chieti IGT
13% ABV
$8.25 (LCBO)

I like being surprised.
I was quite dreading trying this wine. Not only is it under ten bucks it is under nine dollars. It is very close to eight bucks.
The first sip did not bring a grimace to my lips but a genuine smile – what a pleasant wine. I has a very prominent body and is definitely not on the light side. The fruit flavours – berries, cherries – is quite pronounced, to the point that after a few glasses this heavy flavour started to irritate me. This is definitely wine that should be consumed with food. (Isn’t that all wine?) The label suggests “grilled meat, chicken or pasta.” That doesn’t leave out much but fish. I would suggest something sharp and spicy – that would give a nice balance to this surprisingly fine wine.