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A trip to China (pt. 3)

1 Mar

There’s a billion or more people in China. They all have to move from places to place.
There are many interesting vehicles there – many electric. We saw Teslas and other e-cars but I mostly photographed things that I would not see here at home in Canada. There are a lot of electric scooters zipping around as well carrying lots of cargo and people.
Enjoy the video / slideshow.

Cuban cars

31 Jul

It is a good thing that the US is normalizing its relationship with Cuba. One can only hope that the change is managed well and the country won’t collapse cause of greed or mismanagement. This shot shows two ubiquitous cars in Cuba that symbolize the Island nations alliances for the past 70 years. The car in front is a Soviet era car while the one in the back is some old American car.