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Whistler Spring

12 Jun

The day before I took this shot, I was skiing. It was warm and the snow was a bit brutal. But we made up for that with a nice walk. It is hard to take a bad picture in this place.

Weekly Wine – Unreserved

8 Jun

UnrezJPGUnreserved smooth white
Year: N/A
12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

Do you get it?

This wine’s label… a dress unzipping.
Unreserved you say.
After this wine the world awaits.
How different is this from Bud Lights’ campaign: “The perfect beer for removing ‘no’ from your vocabulary for the night.”
Well this is a tad more nuanced – but the message is more or less the same.
Cheap white wine and earthly delights will follow.
Were this wine as good as these earthly delights. This wine is perfectly unremarkable. I’m drinking it very well chilled and dreading the moment the “flavour” opens up. Even over chilled it has a bit of a bite to it though.
The back label has a big bold statement of the “Tasting Notes.” They are… Apple, Citrus, Peach and Full Moon.
Well, I hope it’s not the full moon you get when you unzip that dress that’s hinted on the label. Or are they pants?
A full moon indeed.
This is another cynical “Canadian” wine made from imported and domestic wines. It is passable but just that. It is uninteresting except that I can fulminate on the label and the marketing.
I feel that I need some decent wine.

Sunny Ways and Magnitsky

18 May

So the Liberal government came to power promising much – as all parties do to try to win elections.
They promised to do things different – as all parties do to try to win elections.
They promised the sun. They promised the moon. As all parties do to try to win elections
They promised to put Canada on the map – as all parties do to try to win elections
Canada is on the map.
It has been for a while.
This new government said they would bring a new tone to government – and they did by and large.
Which is why I do not understand why they will not enact acts relating to Magnitsky.
He was a lawyer who tried to expose corruption in Putin`s Russia.
He was arrested and killed in jail.
This is a human rights issue.
The United States formulated and passed the Magnitsky Act that punishes those who were responsible for this man’s death.
Our government. Canada, Stephan Dion, Justin Trudeau. Decided to take a pass on a similar bill.
Not having something like this won’t get you into Putin’s good books – he doesn’t give a shit.
Passing something similar won’t get you into Putin’s bad book – he doesn’t give a shit.
Passing this will make Canada seem like it cares about human rights and the rule of law.
This is important.
This is the way to the “sunny ways.”
The Liberal Party of Canada.
Do the right thing.


Weekly Wine – Dry White

30 Mar

SONY DSCFrench Cross Vidal
Year: N/A
12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

One can by cynical about this wine.
Yes, it is wine in a box. Yes, It is a blend made from domestic and foreign wines. Yes it is created to be just under 10 bucks so as to hit a specific buyer.
All fair points.
The wine reflects these points. It is OK – drinkable as the marketers say. The taste won’t offend – it is a nice blend that does not have any off flavours or nasty after tastes. It is pleasant but not outstanding. It is forgettable in fact. It is better than the stuff you make at a Make-Your-Own-Wine place … but then again it costs a bit more and it should be better.
But all that being said – I don’t mind this wine because it is true to itself.
This is camping wine. This is take the wine up the hill skiing to enjoy the nice warm sunshine on the hill in the snow. This is outdoor wine.
This is honest plonk and should be enjoyed for what it is.

Weekly Wine – Pelee S-C

20 Jan

SONY DSCPelee Island Shiraz Cabernet
Canada and others
12.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This was not the first bottle of the evening at the dinner.
It was the last though.
The consensus was that it was surprising that it was quite good. Not excellent, but quite fair.
The expectations were not high as this was one of those Canadian/International blends. They tend to be of questionable taste and quality – usually they aim to get the price down … under ten bucks.
This wine is that but it has a nice character. It is dry but not too dry. It has a fairly robust body and an indistinguishable syrupy fruit essence.
You won’t mistake this for “vin bon.” But then again it ain’t bad wine.
It’s a standard table wine that can be had at any occasion. That being said, there are better wines at this price.

Weekly Wine – Jackson-Triggs

16 Dec


Jackson-Triggs Cabernet Merlot Proprietors’ Selection
Year: N/A
750ml$9.95 (LCBO)

This is an elegant looking wine. Just look at the label. This surely must cost more than a simple sawbuck.
But no.
This wine is engineered to cost less than ten smackers.
It is a Canadian wine that is `Blended from international and Canadian wines.” So the result is a fairly passable medium wine.
It is a medium wine so it is rather sweet to my taste. It is smooth. It has a good full body with lots of flavour. This is not a bad wine to serve at weddings or receptions because, honestly, I can’t see anybody being offended by this wine.
Hat’s off to the ones who blended this.



Weekly Wine – Dry Red

4 Dec

SONY DSCFrench Cross Red
Year: NA
12% ABV
9.95 (LCBO)

I have had wines that were simply called “red” in the past. These wines would not list the grape, nor where they were grown. They were usually unspectacular at the high end of the spectrum to barely drinkable on the low end.
This one is different. (It is called Dry Red.) On a scale between spectacular and unspectacular, it comes closer to unspectacular but it is better than an unspectacular wine.
Perhaps it is the fact that it is in a tetra pack that is clouding my judgement – with the bar set so low because of the packaging, this wine cannot do anything but score a few positive points.


Weekly Wine – Blush

28 Oct

 French Cross Blush Tetra
10.5% ABV
9.95 (LCBO)

A Canadian wine. In a tetra pack. Under ten bucks. I have not had much luck with this combination but the tetra pack element is also a new one.
I opened this wine with trepidation. The first sip was a surprise. It is good. The second sip confirmed it. It is very smooth and pleasant. A bit on the sweet side. The wine is not as lively as some roses.
But it is very nice. I opened this with friends and this bottle, er, box, went quickly with everybody commenting on its pleasant characteristics. It had a bit of tartness which went very well with the chatrues meal we were having.
This is a surprisingly delightful wine which will go well for any occasion. The tetra pack option makes it great for picnics.


Weekly Wine – Copper Moon

17 Dec

SONY DSCCopper Moon Pinot Grigio
12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

Hey… Here’s an inexpensive Canadian white wine that isn’t half bad.
To be honest, I have not had a bad Pinot Grigio. It is a foolproof grape.
This wine is a blend of Canadian and imported Pinot Grigio wines, so it should not be too difficult to make it OK. I’ve even made Pinot Grigio at a wine making place and it turned out well.

Actually… this wine tastes like that. It has a body of one of those wines.
Usually Pinot Grigio wines are light in flavour and body. This one is heavy. It has weight. It is not unpleasant, but it has this metallic after taste to it. These be the sulphites. They are quite pronounced when the wine drops to room temperature. But it is not that bad.
I am quite taken by this wine. That said – there are better wines at this price. But if one wants a heavy Pinot Grigio, this is the one.

Weekly Wine – Riders Valley

8 Oct

SONY DSCRiders Valley Malbec
Year: N/A
Canada and others
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I made the mistake of tasting this wine after I had consumed some really good wine.
I am suspicious of this bottle because it is one of those Canadian wines which take the grape or juice or wine, from all over the world, blend it or ferment it here in Canada, and then sell it… cheaply. The results are mixed.
As I sip the wine I look at the label and and there are two cow-persons (I can’t really tell if they be man and/or woman – and I ain’t makin’ assumptions) riding horses in a psychedelic silhouetted sunset. OK.
The wine is from the Niagara region and the only thing resembling a valley is called the Niagara Gorge. But let the marketing boffins have their way.
The wine is passable. It leaves a sulphite taste in my mouth but it is not too bad. The wine is rough around the edges and the nice spice which is usually associated with Malbec wines is not really present here.