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Weekly Wine – Generic Cabernet Sauvignon

13 Aug

SONY DSCKirkland California Cabernet Sauvignon
13% ABV
$7.99 (US$ – Costco)

I’ve seen this wine in the big bulk shopping arenas that are know as Costco. The wine is not available in Ontario so on a trip to the USA I picked this damn cheap bottle up.
There were other Kirkland branded wine (that’s Costco’s house brand) and wine that was cheaper. But I looked at this big beautiful bottle and I knew it had to be mine.
It’s California wine and even comes corked. How bad could it be?
It is not impressive. The sulphites dominate the flavour. There is a hint of the cabernet sauvignon grape in this wine. Much like having a taste of almonds in good wine.
This will never be mistaken for good mine.
I am not sure that it is even acceptable wine.
I have taken to drinking this with a glass of water as chaser. It works better and the wine becomes more managable.
But only just.
I would not by this wine at half the already discounted price.