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Weekly Wine – Pelee S-C

20 Jan

SONY DSCPelee Island Shiraz Cabernet
Canada and others
12.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This was not the first bottle of the evening at the dinner.
It was the last though.
The consensus was that it was surprising that it was quite good. Not excellent, but quite fair.
The expectations were not high as this was one of those Canadian/International blends. They tend to be of questionable taste and quality – usually they aim to get the price down … under ten bucks.
This wine is that but it has a nice character. It is dry but not too dry. It has a fairly robust body and an indistinguishable syrupy fruit essence.
You won’t mistake this for “vin bon.” But then again it ain’t bad wine.
It’s a standard table wine that can be had at any occasion. That being said, there are better wines at this price.

Weekly Wine – Jackson-Triggs

16 Dec


Jackson-Triggs Cabernet Merlot Proprietors’ Selection
Year: N/A
750ml$9.95 (LCBO)

This is an elegant looking wine. Just look at the label. This surely must cost more than a simple sawbuck.
But no.
This wine is engineered to cost less than ten smackers.
It is a Canadian wine that is `Blended from international and Canadian wines.” So the result is a fairly passable medium wine.
It is a medium wine so it is rather sweet to my taste. It is smooth. It has a good full body with lots of flavour. This is not a bad wine to serve at weddings or receptions because, honestly, I can’t see anybody being offended by this wine.
Hat’s off to the ones who blended this.



Weekly Wine – Lindeman’s Cawarra (again)

15 Apr

SONY DSCLindeman’s Cawarra Shiraz Cabernet
13.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

So I’ve had a few bottles in the past year or so and I’m getting a little absent minded when it comes to what I’ve tasted and what I have not.
Here is the first one that is a repeat. It is not a complete repeat as this “vintage” is 2014 and the one I sampled previously was from 2012.
I’d like to say it is a completely different wine but that would not be true. It is near impossible to compare the two wines as much time has past and the tasting notes have been taken by the wind. The label is different. Much different.
What has remained is that this wine is excellent. A great wine hanging around as an imposter in the world of sub ten dollar wines. To truly get a much better wine you would have to pay about three times the price. And this is not an economic argument. This wine is a pleasure to consume on its own merits.




Weekly Wine – XOXO

25 Dec

SONY DSCXOXO Shiraz Cabernet
Canada (Kinda)
13% ABV
95 (LCBO)

As I took the first few sips of this wine I thought to my self – Not bad, not interesting wine but quite inoffensive with no harsh over tones or aftertastes.
Then I read the label and I got rather upset.
This wine is made from “Imported and domestic” grapes – so they were grown somewhere on this earth I suppose as viticulture in outer space is not yet developed.
It is cellared in either Kelowna, British Columbia, Grimsby, Ontario or Truro, Nova Scotia. No one knows.
This is marketing wine with a nice label and cute name. It has been engineered to be inoffensive and agreeable. At the $10 price point I realize that I should not be expecting too much.
There are better wines out there.
There are more interesting wines out there.
There are cheaper wines out there.
There are many wines which share all three above characteristics an yet have a provenience that is not a mystery.
This company can’t even tell me where it was cellared!

The more I think about it – the worse the wine tastes.



Weekly Wine – Lindeman’s Cawarra

12 Jun

SONY DSCLindeman’s Cawarra Shiraz Cabernet
13.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

This is the first Australian wine on the list. Hurray. Aussie wine used to be cheap, and good. But they have moved up in price in recent years. The quality has been excellent.
This wine caused me a great deal of confusion. I open it up, pour it, taste it and go to the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) Web Site to check the proper name and the price. Well… There are two products with the same name. One is $8.95 the other $18.95. The difference is that the less expensive one is 13% alcohol while the one ten bucks more is 13.5% alcohol. The bottle says 13.5% — The horror. I’m drinking 20-buck wine! That’s not plonk territory.
I scurry to find the bill and see that I paid $8.95 (including $0.20 deposit) for this bottle. Peace has returned to my soul. It must be some error on the LCBO site.
I concentrate on the wine. It is good. In fact, very good. Not as heavy as most Shiraz, but nice and spicy with no lingering aftertaste. I’m actually surprised that it can be bought at this price. I have been bypassing the Australian section of late. It is time to return to this land south of the equator and rediscover the wines.