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This was going to be different

19 Jan

I had a couple of nice conversations this evening about the various events that are going on in the world. Iran is back, kinda, as a non-pariah state. Russia is collapsing and threatening at the same time. The US election. Canada’s economy. China’s economy and relations with its neighbours and the rest of the world. It was a rich discussion and I was going to write something clever about something from the list.
I turned the news on and I heard that Glen Fry passed away. This last 30-or-so days have not been too good for musicians – Lemmy, Bowie and Fry.
But I was never a big Eagles fan and I leaned more to what was said about them in the movie The Big Lebowski.
But still…


Weekly Vinyl – David Bowie

9 Jan

David Bowie

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I was in a phase, back in my formative years, where I loved live albums. This was purchased in the midst of this phase.
I like the fact that this album, which is a double album – two vinyl disk, is quite raw. Recorded over two nights on July 14 and 15, 1974 at the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia, PA, it claims that, “No studio overdubs or re-recording of voices, instruments or audience have been added with the exception of several backing vocals due to loss of theatre mike contact.”
It does sound a bit muddied and you can hear that the band is not always together. It is pretty close to what you would hear at many live shows – the bass and drums not syncing in rhythm, guitarists and singers missing their cues, flubbed notes… It’s a great feeling. The sound is quite balanced, unlike a life show, so to fix that I put the sound onto one speaker and fiddled with the equalization until it became more “live” like.
Musically, this album features Bowie more “bluesy” than I remember him. The two disks feature a bevy of his more known songs, “Rebel Rebel, Changes, Suffragette City, Alladin Sane, Jean Genie and others.