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Weekly Vinyl – Boney M

21 Nov

Night Flight to Venus
Boney M

What to say about this album?
It is absolute over-the-top kitsch.
I don’t really know if this would be considered the highest pinnacle of Disco, but the trappings are there.
Garish costumes – check.
Dance music with a heavy 4/4 beat – check.
Bizarre covers of other songs now made “danceable – check.
This last point is interesting as this song two weird covers. One is Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” and the other is “King of the Road” by country music star Roger Miller. These songs are head scratchers to be sure. The real hits of this album are the songs “Rasputin” and “Rivers of Babylon.” Most everybody knows these songs. Listening to them I was quite taken aback by their slow rhythm. By today’s standard of dance music the pace of these songs and this album as a whole is glacial.

On the whole this is a fun album and a real nostalgic air to it.