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Weekly Vinyl – Alicia

11 Sep

Свiте Тихий – Songs of the Ukraine
Alicia Andreadis
Here’s a weird record that is competently recorded, featuring great voices and nice backing music but is nearly completely unlistenable.
It is hard to describe what is going on here. There is the pathos, the longing, the bitterness – all set to bombastic melodramatic music.
It takes me back to my childhood sitting in hot humid church basements or low rent concert halls. I picture the singer Andreadis leaning against the piano, belting out tunes with a kerchief in her free hand.
The difference here is that you can hear the quality of the voices.
But still – this is an album that can clear a room.
Another thing – the producers of the Album called it “Songs of The Ukraine” They are dumbasses.