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Weekly Vinyl – Babylon

15 Feb

Babylon by Bus
Bob Marley & The Wailers
I was so happy when I pulled this album from my collection. It had been a few years since I listened to Babylon by Bus and I was really looking forward to putting these two disks on the turntable and listening to the music. I was going to worry about what to write later.
But the horror. The album had somehow warped. It was not warped the last time I had this album out. I franticly tore apart the area where this album was located to see if there was a reason for this album to be warped. Were other albums warped.


Only this album is so affected. What a damn shame. This is an excellent album. I could listen to the inner tracks – and the music is wondrous. I love live albums. This is (was) a fantastic album.
I will now have to search for a replacement which will no doubt be a financial hit.

P.S. Do not think that this is an example of why Vinyl has fallen out of favour versus CD and digital downloads. I have CDs which have stopped playing and skip like the dickens.