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Weekly Wine – Blue Nun

17 Feb

SONY DSCBlue Nun Deutscher Tafelwein
9% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

For some reason I have forgotten that this wine exists. It conjures up other aptly named wines consumed in my youth – Baby Duck, Moody Blue … There were a few others.
Not sure about the others but here I am with the Blue Nun.
Funny that the blue bottle does not make the wine appetising. The light colour, looking like diluted apple juice you give to children, does not hold much promise either.
What first hits is the sweet. Ah the syrupy sweetness of this concoction washes out any other sensation that your mouth might have had. The aftertaste is a tangy bitter experience. It tastes like apple juice that someone poured a bit of cider into it and then it went a little bad. So you refrigerated it and then served it chilled.
What confuses me is that the label states that it is “fresh, crisp & fruity.” It is not fresh or crisp – fruity yes. One out of three is not on a claim is not good.
I understand that this wine has been around for eons and is quite popular. It gets bad reviews and is a byword for an ill-tasting wine. I wouldn’t buy it… for even half the price.