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Weekly Wine – White Fate

25 Jan

tofwTwist of Fate Winemaker’s White
Date: N/A
Canada (kinda)
12.0% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I have to stop drinking these blended wines.
I have to stop buying these blended wines.
It is hard to do because they are cheap. Some are drinkable. Some are not.
Welcome to the latter category.
This sour swill gives me no pleasure. The flavour is thin and week and masked by the sourness and acidity. The label states that it is a blend of Pinot Grigio, Muscat and Chardonnay wines – imported and domestic. It calls itself a “Winemaker’s White.” This might be a clue as it can be a blend of international wines that were made a “Make Your Own Wine” shop.
It is a shame as I really like the label.
It is a shame that there is a bottle of red Twist of Fate that is staring me down – daring me to drink it.
It is a shame principally because there is much better wine that is cheaper than this.

Weekly Wine – Red Fate

4 Jan

tofrTwist of Fate Winemaker’s Red
Year: N/A
Canada (kinda)
12.9% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I approach this wine with great trepidation.
I had the white wine a while back and it was quite miserable.
So the bar is quite low on this one – if I don’t retch I might consider it passable.
Well the wine is OK – again, the bar is not that high.
It is not as sour as the white one and there is a bit of flavour that pokes through – some sort of berries I get. It is also a bit spicy that gives it a bit of zing up front.
The zing fads fast and it becomes a bit flat and uninteresting at the end.
After a few more swigs the zing wears off and it becomes a very pedestrian wine. The bar was set low and it made it just above the bar, but this does not make this a good wine.
There are better wines, much better wines, at less than the price of this. There are even Canadian wines, real Canadian wines – with all the grapes grown in Canada, at this price point which are better than this.