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Signs of spring

24 Apr

Spring is in the air and things are starting to grow all over.
All sorts of birds have come back to our area of town. We have cardinals, crows, red-winged blackbirds, sparrows and starlings among others. A few starlings made nests in my vents in the house – I evicted a few before they laid their eggs but one was persistent and I grabbed four eggs and sealed that vent tight.
I felt bad but there is no way I could have allows a whole family of birds to live in one of my vents.

Birds of JFK

21 Jan


So I’m waiting in Terminal 2 of the JFK airport in New York and these birds started hopping around in front of me. I took a quick snap before they fluttered away. I then saw a group of about four of them perched on a railing. I’m used to seeing birds in rail and bus stations but this is the first time I saw birds in an airport terminal. I guess the US Homeland Security will have another scandal on its hands.