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Weekly Vinyl – Running Scared

10 Mar

Running Scared

For the record – I never saw this movie.
For the record – this is the first time I’m listening to this album.
For the record – I have no idea why I have this album. I’m not going to waste time and energy to speculate.
For the record – this album was in a remainder bin – you can tell because of the large drill hole in the cover.
For the record – this record might count as Canadian content because David Foster was one of the producers.
For the record – If you want to hear a fair selection of radio friendly 1980s pop – this might be for you. Klymaxx, Patti LaBelle, Kim Wilde – they are all here.
For the record – this album does not make me nostalgic for this aspect of the 1980s.
For the record – this album does not make me want to watch the movie.
For the record – the first side of this album did not compel me to listen to the other side.
For the record – I listened to side two and my opinion of this disc has not changed.