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Weekly Wine – Terra Boa

11 Feb

SONY DSCAlianca Terra Boa Vinho Tinto, Old Vines, Beira
13.5% ABV
$7.75 (LCBO)

A cheap one this is. Not just under ten bucks but it squeezes well under eight bucks.
I should be leery of this wine. I should perhaps even avoid this wine.
The thing is, it has a very nice and classy label. I like the fonts it uses. I like the colours on the label – primarily red and white. I like the fact that Old vines is in a much different font and printed in gold ink. This is a very nice label – I hope the wine matches the wrapper.
It’s not bad, but it does have the heaviness and acidity of inexpensive wines. The earthiness and the sulphites are very much present. The heaviness is from its providence in Portugal – so if you are a fan of Portuguese wine, this one should be in your hamper.
There is no mistaking from the flavour of Terra Boa that it is an inexpensive selection.
That being said – I like this wine. Not just because it is cheap and has a high alcohol content – the heavy body and earthy flavours are great for cold winter evenings.