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Tropical beer

19 Dec

I brought some beer back from Jamaica – six cans of Red Stripe.
The beer tasted great on the beach in Jamaica.
My friend brought me some beer from Mexico – six cans of Dos Equis.
The beer tasted great the last time I had it on a beach in Mexico.
As I drink these beers at home, looking forlornly at the winterscape outside my window, the beers are just OK. They do not take me back to the beach. They do not make me pine for the beach.
The beers were good there, in the heat and humidity. Here, I want mere body, more hops. I want a good well flavoured beer. I won’t spill these out but I will seek out better drink for the winter.

Beer freeze

3 Apr

Cold beer is nice.
This beer got too cold.
It went straight into the drain without a detour.

Cold Beers

28 Feb

These beers got froze.
It was very cold outside …where we left them.
They were, alas, undrinkable.
So it goes…

Keeping it cool

23 Nov

A nice blanket of snow is the best form of cooler technology.

Hockey Night in Sudsville

3 Jun

So I walk into a bar to meet a friend and have a nice chat about this and that. The bar is convenient because it is about equidistant from both our houses. He lives due north and I am due west. We come here for the convenience not the atmosphere. The place used to be a McDonalds and now is a sports bar. The beer selection is insulting for one that likes fermented hopped barley juice — but they do have one beer on tap that is drinkable. Just barely.
The night we chose to come in happened to be a night when a hockey game was on TV – The NHL playoffs. Each TV was showing the same game. The TV sound was loud. The sound level was comparable to going to see a rock band in a small club. The bar was full.
As I tried to have a conversation over a beer with my fried, my one though was … don’t these people have TVs at home?