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Weekly Vinyl – Go Go’s

13 Feb

Beauty and the Beat
Go Go’s
This was a huge album in the early 1980’s. The hits, “Our lips are sealed,” and “We got the beat” were played on the radio constantly.
Having not heard these songs for a long while I was quite surprised that they hold up quite well. They are still nice tight tunes. Catchy and memorable.
The whole album is actually quite good. Very power pop. Very bright and uplifting. I feel like getting into a convertible, taking the top down and driving to the beach.
But alas… It is February. There is snow on the beach and the lake is frozen. I also have no convertible. I could take the scooter – but it is February and as I write this it is grey and snowing.
I’ll have to take this album out of the archives and put it in the “play during the summer” stack. This is a great summer record. Worth a listen all the way through and not just for the hits.