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Nice Beach Bar

13 Nov

Driving to Negril, we spotted this funky Bar&Lounge.
We would have loved to patronise this establishment, but the bus was moving at about 90 km/h and we were quite a distance away before we realised what we missed. I understand and recognize the needs for hygine and regulations in the food industry but I’m sure that the food at this and similar roadside stands in Jamaica is on par with anything served at the resorts.

Location, location

25 Jul

I’ve written about this bar before. It is not a bad bar – but I would not really recommend it to anyone. I would acknowledge that it exists and I would admit, sheepishly no doubt, that I occasionally frequent said establishment. There is really nothing compelling about this watering hole except for location. And in business and life, is that not the essence.
The beer here ranges from uninteresting to undrinkable. The wings are fair. The atmosphere is pedestrian. The decor is comprised of TV sets and whatever free propaganda the beer salesman foisted upon the manager.
It is loud. Not obnoxiously, but a mix of forgettable tunes, two sports games simultaneously blaring as they are wont to do, and the regular hubbub of 30 or so humans trying to converse. Carrying a conversation at normal voice level is next to impossible – voices are raised – and that leads to the bar’s din.
Now, I have to mention the waitresses. A nice lot, but I rarely see the same twice. High turnover at this place.
And yet here I am typing on my Blackberry waiting for my buddy to show up. I am looking around this den of joy and misery and think to myself…

The location.

The location.

The location.

Hockey Night in Sudsville

3 Jun

So I walk into a bar to meet a friend and have a nice chat about this and that. The bar is convenient because it is about equidistant from both our houses. He lives due north and I am due west. We come here for the convenience not the atmosphere. The place used to be a McDonalds and now is a sports bar. The beer selection is insulting for one that likes fermented hopped barley juice — but they do have one beer on tap that is drinkable. Just barely.
The night we chose to come in happened to be a night when a hockey game was on TV – The NHL playoffs. Each TV was showing the same game. The TV sound was loud. The sound level was comparable to going to see a rock band in a small club. The bar was full.
As I tried to have a conversation over a beer with my fried, my one though was … don’t these people have TVs at home?