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Weekly Wine – OKV

22 Jun

bcred2Okanagan Vineyards Select Red
Year: 2014
750 ml
13.5% ABV
$8.49 (BC Liquor)

Another B.C. wine bought in British Columbia. This one is quit good.
It has a quite nice fruity flavor but I can’t make out which fruits they are. It is a mashup.
I taste grape but that should be a given – considering that this is wine. But there are other hints that I can’t quite make out.
It hit me finally – this has a taste of one of those “more healthy” juices you buy in the super markets. The kind that are a blend of cranberry, grape, Apple and whatnot. They have no sugar added and are quite good. This has that kind of aura.
It is fitting as the bottle does not denote what grapes went into making this wine. Merlot – maybe. Shiraz – perhaps. Who knows? The bottle ain’t saying.
That being said – it is a pleasant inexpensive red wine which will be great for picnics, barbecues or other such informal gatherings.

Weekly Wine – Another Unreserved

15 Jun

BCwhite2Unreserved White
Year: N/A
750 ml
12% ABV
8.99 (BC Liquor)

First off – This wine has nothing to do with the unreserved wine I reviewed last week.
There is not too much wine from British Columbia in Ontario. This is a mystery to me. Ontario used to have a nice selection of B.C. wine, but these days that is not so.
On a short trip to B.C. recently, I was able to purchase a few bottles.
I chose this one because it came with a free Mason style mug.
The wine is ok – but just barely.
The taste of peaches and pears comes through quite prominently. This may sound nice but these peaches and pears are overripe. They are squishy and a step or two from being rotten. Will you eat this fruit or throw it into the compost. This is the taste of the peaches and pears in this wine. A familiar taste yet one that is not always welcome.
It is also a bit acidic. I believe that these are the sulphate because I don’t think that this is the natural acidity of the wine that is coming through. This wine is a blend. It is made “from imported and domestic” wines according to the label. And these wines tend to be of questionable taste.
This one is of questionable taste as well. You can easily get better white wines for the same price.
But I like the mug.