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Weekly Vinyl – Dance Party

30 Jan

Dance Party
L’Amour Orchestra
I put this album on and was listening to this mellow, horn based, “party music and wondered to myself why I have this album. The album cover is signed by my departed uncle, si I conclude I must have inherited his stash of records. Furthur examination of the album cover lead to another discovery.
This album was produced by the Ukrainian record company Arka Records out of New York City. Lower East Side no doubt.
There is accordion, horns, mild drumming. You have Rumbas, Fox Trots, Waltzes and a bunch of “Slow” songs. (They are listed as “Slow”.)
I can see this album being popular now with the hipster scene in Brooklyn – it is a home grown album after all. The music is competent. It is a trifle uninspiring – a tad more interesting than Muzak.
I’ll put this on the next time I have guests over and want to get the party started.