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Weekly Wine – Argento

30 Jul

SONY DSCArgento Pinot Grigio
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

Now here’s a good wine.
Here’s a wine that a discriminating wine buff can enjoy.
Make no mistake – this is not vin bon. This is very pedestrian wine.
Yet it wears its pedigree well. In fact it wears it very well.
It is unpretentious. It is refreshing. It has a nice kick. It goes down nicely – whether sipped or gulped. It does not have nasty after-tastes.
Most of the Pinot Grigio that I have consumed came from Italy. This Argentinian grape is very much the same. It is a go-to white wine grape. You can get it rather inexpensively or pay a hefty premium. Honestly, I have never tasted or experienced a difference.
As we are in the midst of summer this is a great wine for the outdoors. It needs to be chilled so it is better for the backyard/patio/balcony situation unless there is a nice ice filled cooler present.
There are many dodgy white wines out there that claim to be refreshing and pleasant. This one is all that. It is also very affordable.
Enjoy it.