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12 Dec

This post should be accompanied by a phot of Periwinkle.
For Periwinkle is a fish. It is the one fish that survived being born in our fish tank. All the others were eaten by the parents or the other fish that were celebrating the birth of all the fish.
There is no picture because it is difficult to photograph this small fish. He/she is quite shy and likes to stay hidden in the weeds and the flora that grow in the tank. This is no doubt why Periwinkle is alive today.
My daughter gave the fish the name Periwinkle. The fish is not a pale shade of purple/blue. It’s colour is flame orange. But my daughter insists that that is the name. I have no objections and the fish has not expressed any. So Periwinkle is the name.
The one that survived the feast.

New fish

28 Nov

This morning there were about 30 fish in my aquarium where the night before there were but eight.
I guess the tank is nice enough that the two red platies decided to have it on. I had no idea that they were a male and female.
There are a bunch of eggs on the side as well. These are from the Cory Cats. These eggs never last because they get eaten pretty quickly. I put a net around them this time to see what will happen.
One of the baby platies was about half-a-centimeter in length and the other ones about one to two millimeters – they looked like lint with eyes. Quite cute actually. By the afternoon, there were but five of them. In the evening just two of the little buggers could be seen. I hope that some of them are well hidden but I know most became food for the other The large one might be safe, but I’m really rooting for the little guys.
I remember hearing/reading that the human race is so cruel – that it is the only one that kills its own, etc. etc. We don’t eat our babies just after they are born…
But I like fish.
I’m happy there are new ones.